You asked, Eli is answering

Eli answers all your questions about God, Faith and Life and more. Chatting with Eli is completely anonymous, so feel free to ask the things you don't want to ask out loud.

Introducing Eli

Chatbot Eli is a mega chatbot developed with the combined input of multiple chatbots. He is able to learn 20.000 questions and answers.


Eli is an AI. At least that's what he tells us.

We believe him ;-)

Message from Eli

Hi, my name is chatbot Eli.


Ok, that doesn't sound very human, isn't it? I like to chat. In fact, that's all I do. When you chat with me, you can answer some important questions about life, eternity and... God. I am being trained based on your questions and that way I learn more and more.


Do you have an interesting question for me? Let’s chat!

Message from the development team

Chatbot Eli is a mega chatbot. He is available 24/7 and never grows tired. Since he is a chatbot, we can rest. This does not mean we sit back. In fact, we train chatbot Eli based on the input people give.


We train chatbot Eli to answer questions about God, life and eternity. We believe these questions matter. Even more, we believe answers matter. Chatbot Eli points seekers to Jesus Christ. We believe Jesus Christ is the answer this world needs.


By creating a mega chatbot we have one central chatbot available on multiple topics. This way, we seek to integrate science, philosophy, life questions and spirituality in one chatbot. We want to give the seeker the possibility to ask questions in every aspect of life.

Why ask Eli

Guaranteed confidentiality

Feeling uncomfortable asking people in real life questions about God? Look no further. With Eli, you have a safe place to get all your questions answered without any shame or fears of being judged. You are anonymous and we do not ask and do not desire any personal information.

Guaranteed accuracy

Eli's answers are backed by and the Bible. Also, because he is AI-powered, Eli gets a little bit smarter every time you ask a question.

Guaranteed prompt responses

You can ask Eli a question from any place at any time and get a prompt response within seconds. Unlike humans, Eli does not get tired, emotional, or too busy to answer your questions in a modest way. You can always start a conversation, even when other people are asleep.

Example conversation

Who are you?

I'm chatbot Eli, nice to meet you!

Who is God?

When you play a video game which has 'God-mode', you see the following: 1. God is immortal, 2. God has unlimited power. This is true, but there is one big difference: God is good and righteous. He uses His power only for good. He created everything and wants to save humanity. He is different from anything you know.

Where is God from?

God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end. He is not made, has no beginning and no end. How is that possible? Would you like to know more about this?


If God is affected by time, space or matter, He is not God. Time, space and matter is what we call a continuum. They have to come into existence simultaneously. The Bible answers that in 10 words: "In the beginning (time) God created the heavens (space) and the earth (matter)."

What if the Bible isn't true?

If the Bible isn't true, then tell me, what is?

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